About the Blog

Once upon a time, long before the Internet was officially "a thing" that everyone was into, I developed a love for journaling and keeping diaries. It was a great way to organize my thoughts or work through things that were tough to get my head around at the time. I never shared the things I wrote though -- unless you count the times some busybody family member decided to nose through my things without my permission, which I don't.

At some point in the early 2000's, I bought a computer and got online just like everyone else. At that point, I switched from journaling to blogging. I also discovered that I didn't exactly mind at least potentially sharing what I wrote with other people. In a way, it was actually more therapeutic than just keeping my writing to myself. It was less like locking my own thoughts in an attic somewhere and more like actually releasing them into the world itself, so I decided to stick with it. Over the years since, I've maintained lots of different blogs and used a bunch of different platforms. The Curious Cat is simply the latest landfill into which I've been dumping my thoughts.


After all is said and done, I'd like people to know what this blog is not. It's not something I do because I think it's going to make me famous. I don't blog because I'm hoping to make friends or accumulate a regular readership. If people like my writing or relate to it some way, that's great, but other people's validation is not my primary reason for blogging in general and it's certainly not my reason for blogging here. The Curious Cat is a personal blog, so I keep it for the same reasons I hung out on LiveJournal or similar places when I was younger. I like having a place where I can organize, publish, and share some of my writing just for its own sake.

Like most people, I think about my job, my family, my past, or my relationship a lot, so I write about them when I'm moved to. I record and contemplate random thoughts that cross my mind over the course of the day. I post photos sometimes. I explore my own reactions to things I read, see on TV, or stumble across online. I respond to writing prompts that give me an opportunity to get to know myself better or examine ways I might have changed over the years. In other words, this is very much a personal blog kept for personal reasons, so I doubt it will be horribly fascinating to anyone that doesn't have an actual reason to listen to me talk about myself or my life. But here it is just the same. Be a part of it if you feel it might have value to you. Just don't say I didn't warn you.