Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Angelus

The Angelus - Jean-François Millet (1857-59)
That painting there -- Millet's The Angelus -- is one of my favorites right now, as it makes me think of the head space I'm in these days and all of the things that are positive about it. To begin with, it depicts a couple that not only works together, but prays together, taking a moment to bow their heads for the Angelus at dusk. They're hard-working farmers that work the land, not fancy folks that live easy lives. They work hard for everything they have, but it's a good life they live and it's one they never forget to thank God for. 

When I look at that painting, I see the standard I'm aspiring to, both on my own and within the context of my relationship. My ideal life with Seth looks like that life. In fact, I think I've made a decision. Whenever I get around to fixing up my desk area and making it work-friendly again, I think I'd like to buy a framed print or canvas of The Angelus and replace the nondescript print of my mother's that's currently hanging over my desk. At one point, I thought I'd replace it with a piece of my own art, but I think this is much more appropriate for where I'm currently at in my life.

It's amazing how differently I process the passage of time when I feel like I'm being consistent about  doing something good for myself. For instance, it's now the second day of May. At my current age, time has a way of zipping by at what honestly feels like a breakneck pace sometimes and the start of yet another month normally finds me feeling disappointed in myself because of how little progress I made as far as moving my life forward over the month before. This year has been different because of the way I've stuck by my decision to make exercise a regular part of my life. 

Every time I realize another month has passed and a new one has started, I can't help but also realize that means I've successfully completed yet another month's worth of daily exercise and mindful eating. I feel productive, disciplined, and proud of myself on a level I just haven't in years. I've kept up with my promise to myself and to God that I'd start every day with prayers, a set of rosary mysteries, and some Bible study as well. And as if that isn't enough, I've been getting back into my video lectures lately as a way to keep my mind busy while I work out. This is me at my best and most productive. I'm thrilled to see this version of myself isn't something that's simply been lost with age.

In other news, I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today. My monthly delivery from ButcherBox arrived safely and I was thrilled to see it contained the salmon special I added to my shipment this month. Anyone that has known me for long knows how much I love the different food delivery services I use to supply us with good quality things to eat and ButcherBox is my favorite way to get responsibly sourced meat. Up until recently, you haven't been able to get seafood through them though, so I was really happy to see they were offering a salmon special for the very first time. With any luck, this will be the first of many.

Food and meals are another area of my life that is pretty well in order and that I'm thankful for. I love food, love cooking, and have a real passion for food culture. I read voraciously about food, study gastronomy, and welcome the chance to explore new territory when it comes to good, simple, delicious food. I'm also lucky enough to be with someone that is the same. So many of the men I've dated in the past have been so limited and had so little curiosity about anything truly wonderful in this world, so Seth's attitude is really refreshing. I can't wait to cook this salmon up for our Friday Fish Day meal this week. Life isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but so much about it is good nevertheless.