Wednesday, April 4, 2018

On Figurative Spring Cleaning

I don't know where the time goes, but it's definitely that time of year again. Lent is over with. Easter has come and gone. The weather is warming up and Seth has officially had to add tending the lawn to his rotating to-do list again because it's green and actively growing. I'm busy managing my business as my clients begin to make their usual post-tax season plans for their content needs. Collectively, we're starting to think about the warmer months and the different possibilities they bring with them.

As far as how I'm doing personally, I'm happy to report that I'm still doing an A+ job of keeping up with the workouts I promised myself I'd stay serious about way back in January. When I first started, I don't know that I expected to see much of a difference in how I looked or felt after only three months, but I've been pleasantly surprised. I've lost a few pounds for sure. I'm also feeling stronger, healthier, and just better all around. A lot of the issues I simply blamed on getting older before have even noticeably improved (i.e. less energy, lower moods, and lower sex drive) much to my great relief. I feel a lot less "old" as a result.

I've been feeling a lot more motivated in regards to other things as well. Just knowing I'm being proactive about my health and watching my physical state start to move in the right direction as a result has helped me with my depression and made me feel more optimistic about certain things. Knowing that I'll only continue to get slimmer, and healthier, and more comfortable in my own skin has found me getting excited about maybe actually "doing things" again in the near future -- going places, working on personal projects, and -- most importantly -- actually recording my life again. My thoughts, my experiences, and my adventures.

That said, it recently occurred to me that it's about time to streamline my online presence again and let go of some dead weight. Although I never thought I'd see the day at one point, I really no longer post on LiveJournal or even check in there with any consistency. When I do feel the need to share something about my life, I tend to do it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter instead. When I want to actually flesh out some of my more complicated thoughts by journaling the old-fashioned way, I tend to come here -- to Blogger and to this particular blog. I'll probably leave my LiveJournal account open for now, as I do have a handful of decently close friends that still post there. I also very occasionally still feel the need to blog behind closed doors. 

I've backed up and unpublished my other three Blogger blogs for now though. I realized that I haven't updated any of them in well over a year (almost two in regards to a couple of them). I can't say I feel any real desire to revive them anymore either and I dislike allowing dead accounts to stay live once I know I won't ever be back. These days, when I'm in the mood to write actual informative content of any kind, I tend to want to capitalize on my efforts and sell it to third parties instead of just posting it up somewhere for other people's free consumption. Any time I feel like writing about those topics on a personal level, I can easily just do it here.

So that is where I'm at and that's where my other blogs have gone (on the off chance anyone actually cares or was wondering). I figure it will be easier to actually blog more consistently if I'm able to focus all my efforts on just one narrative. It'll be easier for those that actually do want to keep up with me to know where to go for any news as well. Stay tuned.

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