Sunday, November 15, 2015

In Which a Vase Gets Its Flowers

Lately I've become such a fan of subscription boxes and whatnot. There's honestly nothing I like getting in the mail more than food. Plus, I really enjoy expanding my horizons as far as what I eat, but I often have trouble making decisions about what to try next for myself. Some of the box options out there these days are awesome. For instance, we do Nature Box for healthy snack options and Try the World just because it's super fun to get a package in the mail every other month filled with edibles from around the world.

One thing I'd really been interested in for a while is some sort of produce box option, because Seth and I really need to be eating more fruits and vegetables. However, we don't always know what we'd like to try. Also, I really preferred the idea of finding a local farm to support, as well as getting into the habit of eating seasonal/organic produce as well. I finally found an option I'm really happy with and we've been having so much fun with all the fruits and veggies.

This same place also offers eggs and flowers as add-on extras. We'd been wanting to get into cooking and eating eggs more often for a long time, so we've been ordering them pretty consistently. I don't usually care that much about having fresh flowers in the house or anything, so I hadn't seriously thought much about getting those, but Seth asked if we could have some for our bedroom and I thought "yeah, why not -- it would be nice to have some seasonal flowers around for a change". Those are them in the picture above.

I have to say, flowers really do kind of brighten up a room and make it feel special. This bouquet came arranged so nicely, too. Someone really put a lot of thought into it. Obviously, I know that we ordered and paid for it ourselves, but it's kind of odd how "cared about" finding flowers waiting for you outside makes you feel regardless.

I put them in this jar/vase thing I bought in Las Vegas years ago and still happen to have around. If memory serves, I actually bought it when I was there on my honeymoon after marrying my ex. I was trying to get excited about building a home as a married woman and I just really thought this particular item was pretty and very "me". I got it at the Luxor, so it was sort of Egyptian looking, as you can see. Shiny, lots of colors, and with handles that look like cobras. (I've been nuts about anything to do with ancient Egypt since I was a kid.) It was so bright, cheerful, colorful, and different -- kind of like me at the time, back before I became really hard and cynical -- and I bought it specifically to put fresh flowers in.

My then-new-husband hated this poor vase to high heaven. In fact, he shit on this vase and on my tastes so badly, that I wound up sticking it on some out-of-the-way shelf when I got home and never once filling it with flowers the way I'd planned. Really, you don't even know how hurt my feelings were at the time. Well... guess what, mother fuckers. I still love this vase and (miraculously), so does Seth. And it has flowers in it. Finally. And it looks just as nice filled with flowers as I'd always imagined it would. Something kind of fitting about that.