Thursday, October 2, 2014

Indian Summer

Indian summer is in full effect here in the Monterey area and I really don't like it much. Some people here love the unseasonably warm weather and welcome the chance to enjoy an extended summer. Being the fragile little Pisces that I am, I'm really very sensitive to heat, so I have to worry about problems like heat stroke. Especially since like most households around here, ours doesn't have air conditioning.

Thankfully, Seth is the type of guy that insists on doing anything he can to make me as comfortable as possible. Within the past week or so, two of the fans we depend on to stay cool when it's warm decided to kick the bucket. We tried to order a replacement in time for it to get here before the heat wave started, but there was some problem with the order on the vendor's end and it was unexpectedly cancelled.

Yesterday, Seth actually wound up walking five miles and visiting three different stores to get us a new fan so that we wouldn't fry to death. I'm really grateful that he did, too, because having this new fan in here today has made a massive difference. It's been warm, but I haven't even broken a sweat despite the temps being up in the 90's somewhere for most of the day. Thankfully, I didn't have any deadlines today, so I was also able to just kind of forget about work for a change and just vegetate.


I'm already getting rather excited about Halloween. Seth received a really generous package full of Halloween decorations from one of his professional contacts recently. It was full of fantastic goodies that he's placed around to make our home feel more holiday-ready. That nifty skeleton bird was promptly claimed by me and given the name Peck. Whenever I finally get around to clearing my desk area of all the junk that's somehow taken residence on top of it, Peck can have a permanent home there. Until then, he's hanging out next to the television set in the family room.

I love that Halloween falls on a Friday this year. I have every intention of making sure I'm done with the week's work a bit early so that Seth and I can enjoy a bit of a long weekend. Not that we have big plans or anything, as you know we're not terribly social. At present, we're thinking of just walking around the neighborhood drinking spiked coffees, checking out the decorations, and seeing what everyone else is up to. Afterwards, we'll cook something fantastic and delicious as always. 


I have no idea if it's just the effects of the heat or what, but I've been finding "people on the internet" really annoying lately. For instance, I had this one douche on Facebook piss me off yesterday by insulting my country for no reason whatsoever. I mean... I hardly consider myself to be a gun-toting, Bible thumping, stereotypical redneck 'Merican or anything, but I'm still proud of our beautiful, amazing country and of everything it means to live here. The fact that so many people find it socially acceptable to insult Americans on principle these days and to basically expect them to apologize for their heritage is just unacceptable to me. So a piece of my mind was given, as you might expect.

Then there are the usual people that annoy me just by existing. People I have decided for reasons of my own that I don't want anything to do with anymore, but can't seem to get rid of unless I get extreme by blocking them. People that won't just take a hint, fuck off, and bother somebody else. People that ask stupid questions. People that make me lose even more faith in humanity just by virtue of being themselves. Hell... people period.

Speaking of, I might do NaNoWriMo this year. I need a push to get some of the newer, rawer stories I've had on the brain out of myself and NaNo has always been pretty good for that.